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About Us

Jensen Opals
Jensen Opals sell Australian opals and  hand made opal jewellery. We also sell exotic leather accessories and jewellery. We source our opals direct from the Australian opal fields. Most of our black opals come from our own mine in Lightning Ridge NSW. We cut and polish the opals and make our jewellery in our own workshop. That way we can be sure everything is done to the highest standard. After living for 20 years on the opal fields of Lightning Ridge and with more than 20 years experience in the opal industry, doing everything from opal mining to opal cutting and making our own jewellery, we have gained a indept knowledge of the opal industry. We are proud to be able to pass that on to our costumers. After travelling to Europe to sell our opal products, we realised that there were a market for top quality leather accessories as well. Kangaroo leather and Australian farmed crocodile leather is some of the most sought after and best quality and durable leather available, so it was only natural, to add it to our product range. 
We know that it can be very daunting and difficult to choose a new piece of jewellery especially online. There is also much misinformation out there on especially when it comes to opals. With our background and knowledge( we both qualified opal cutters and Helle has a advanced course in opal cutting and opal carving) we are only happy to assist you with any Questions you might have. There is a lot more information in our about opals and about leather pages. Please feel free to browse on our site and hopefully you feel inspired. If you decide to purchase any of our opal products, we can assure you, that you will have a one of a kind piece of jewellery, that hasn't left the workshop from when Hans brought the raw opal home through to when Helle put her finishing touch to it, and it will have a history that dates back to the age of the dinosaurs.